Oil and cold wax medium on canvas

4 of them are 80 x 100cm, the other 2, 80cm sq

The possible title for the series is “Oceans – a tipping point?”

10 thoughts on “december

    • Thanks Claudia. I have a bit of a thing with orange and turquoise at the moment! You’re right – definitely warms in the grey of mid-winter in Ireland!
      I suppose I was thinking about the warming, in a negative sense, of the planet – and also the levels of pollution, particularly in the Pacific. But I still want the paintings to be good to look at.
      This means there has to be some ambiguity. Some questions. I am hoping the paintings will first make the viewer WANT to look and then encourage them to ask their own questions about both the work and the subject.
      Most of us love to look at or be in or on the ocean. It’s the classic summer holiday location. Easy and lazy and happy.
      I’m hoping that will still be the same for my grandchildren

  1. Seeing your art gives me a chance to stop and think, breathe, and grow my imagination. If we can’t imagine a better world, we can’t make it happen. You work is more powerful than you imagine. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Kathryn. Your comment has come at a very helpful moment. I have just been sitting in my crammed studio – looking at the paintings crowding the walls and others stacked above me and still more others still drying, thinking ‘why’ and ‘what for’ and ‘maybe not’ and ‘what next’ and other more self pitying epithets. I am so glad that these ones have reached at least you. Thank you. β€πŸ’™

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