an extra layer

Just reworked these 2 with a few more marks and a layer of creamy coloured transparent oil and wax mixture

They are each 80cm x 100cm and are part of the ‘Oceans – a tipping point?’ series from last week

I think they are much better for the extra later.  What do you think?

Here they are as they were before:

8 thoughts on “an extra layer

    • Oh thanks Jeff
      I like the comparison with silk screens – there was actually an element of printing – I used greaseproof paper to lift wet parts of paint off one of the paintings and then transferred the ‘print’ onto another canvas. This helped to bring the pieces in the series together and started to develop depth.
      Then the reworking yesterday was mostly with semi transparent paint applied very thinly with a roller – so the ‘printed’ marks still show through. I then exaggerated that by scratching and scraping through the layers, and revealing the underneath colours with small brush marks with solvent.
      Thanks very much ☺

  1. Your question is a fearless one! OK, Brave Soul, let me say the whole blog is a composite work of art…the process is inspiring… fascinating. I love all stages of the work, and am glad you stopped to capture those initial designs which are very fresh–the ocean long ago before it started to approach the “tipping point.” From there the images have progressed…they are powerful and thought-provoking. Thank you!

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