Blood and concrete

2 canvases each 100 x 80cm (39 x 31.5″)

As 2016 draws to a close I’m trying, against the odds, to look ahead to 2017 with hope.

Hope that we will all be mindful of anything we can do that helps rather than hinders. In so many areas. For Peace. For People. For the Planet 

The paintings above are called ‘blood and concrete’.

6 thoughts on “Blood and concrete

    • Thanks Claudia. Subdued is a good description. Maybe I’m working through the traditional stages of grief after the US election. I certainly can’t sustain my initial anger. Someone related these paintings to the Japanese art of ‘Shibui’ – I won’t explain here but you might like to look it up
      These paintings are seeped in sadness I think, but paradoxically, I don’t want the viewer to be saddened. I am struggling with a seed of an idea about how we,as artists, can look at tragedy and disaster and destruction, project an awareness of it, but at the same time foster hope.

  1. They look fantastic. I work with concrete on a daily basis but I can’t say I’ve ever made something like that. Fingers crossed 2017 works out to be better than 2016. All the best.

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