island life

It started like this, a huge piece of primed canvas (160 x 258cm, the end of the roll), stapled to the floor.

It took up so much of the floor that I had to stand on it to get round it

After a while working on it on the floor, I got Malachy to help me hang it sideways on the wall

And then I turned it round the right way

I taped off the edges, built up more layers and thought it was done.

But something was unbalanced

So finally I took the plunge

There she blows!

Here’s a closeup 

And here’s a photo montage

A good day!

13 thoughts on “island life

  1. Beautiful piece of work! I love seeing how other people’s work can progress because it reminds me that my works don’t have to be finished on the first go! I’m also jealous of your work-space… 🙂

  2. I love the image itself. LOVE it. Seeing it live and large must be stupendous! I’ve never painted over 4×6 on canvas, but I have painted a few murals, and it is hard work… And I love painting big. How do you describe knowing when a painting is complete? For me it is a feeling of “just right”.

    • Thanks so much Katie. It’s not very clearcut. I have heard someone else say it’s when they start loving the painting, that’s close I suppose. But I often think I’m ‘there’, then change my mind and work on again. It’s the most illusive difficult to describe awareness. This one just said to me ‘there you are’ – or I suppose ‘here I am, finally!’ ☺

  3. Hi Liz,
    I enjoyed looking at your paintings here online very much and imagining you on the rocky rim of Donegal. I am from Co Derry and just bought ‘Barcelona Arches’ from 1708 Gallery in Bushmills. I am a poet and art writer and would like to write about your work sometime. Please put me on your mailing list. Many thanks,
    Cherry Smyth

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