7 thoughts on “studio #2

    • Thanks Scottie. The colours aren’t more vibrant really, if anything, they’re slightly more muted. The surface is very matt. It is possible to ‘buff up’ cold wax paintings to a more glossy finish, but I dont do that usually. The finished pieces will have clearer, deeper, engraved marks and greater contrast because I will roll out the flat areas, incorporating the powder pigment (on the dark red areas) more thoroughly into the oil paint below, and I will re-score the marks.

      • Ah, I’m glad about that; the flatness adds solidity and grounds the work – if that makes sense.
        I’ve played around with wax, in a very amateurish way, but these two inspired me to investigate the technique further.
        By the way, looking at that stove from a dreary London makes me v jealous!

      • The wax I use is Gamblin cold wax medium, I buy it in big tins online from TNLawrence (uk). I learnt the techniques from Rebecca Crowell, American artist, who teaches at Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Mayo. Rebecca has a great website and blog, with lots of links and tips and homemade recipes etc. I love the way it speeds up drying, allows layering/transparency/experimentation
        Yes, I’m a great one for a real fire! Stove in the studio and a range and 2 stoves in the house
        Be well, keep warm! Liz

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