Old Goose

So excited to be heading down to CillRialaig (County Kerry retreat centre) again tomorrow! A long train journey, and an overnight in Killarney on the way

Old Goose

Standing at the open window

Of the train rushing through new terrain

Listening to the rhythmic pounding

Of the wheels on the shiny rails


Yes, I will, I do, I can

I see, I make, with love

Yes, I choose, I go, I try

To fly. I make a leap


Choosing the forward momentum

Denying the steel bars

In that cold and hungry

Prison cell of fear


No, to halting fearful saying

You’ve had your fill. It’s too late

No, to thinking it can’t work out

You’re too old, just be still


Even the old goose still makes

The journey South

She doesn’t wait

To grace your Christmas plate


‘Hard Rain’ (again!) & 6 small panels

I think finally I’ve finished this large piece, about 4’x7′

At the same time as working on the big piece stapled to my wooden studio wall, I’ve also been making some small studies on birch panel. These 6, each only 12×16″

The large piece and the small ones are interconnected, both by my process (lifting areas of wet paint in tissue paper, from one work to another, in a type of printing), and also in subject. Although all the works are totally abstract, and as such have no actual subject or representational form, they all come from the idea and challenge that we all face, of the potential destruction of our beautiful environment. The shapes and forms, particularly in the small pieces, for me have echoes of sea and sky, rock and sand, light on water


I am delighted to be artist in residence at An Gailearai in Gweedore, Donegal
First day today, very productive


First layers laid down


Display of completed work


Making progress with several layers building up, and the first random marks on a canvas 80 x 100cm


Early marks and layers on 2 paper pieces taped to the wall, each c. 75 x 55cm


6 of the bigger pieces as I left them at 5pm today, looking forward to going back tomorrow

new look, please be patient

there are no pages anymore

the static pages with old work were I ut of date and boring, so they’re gone

I will make new pages

one about where I live in beautiful county donegal, ireland, which I intend to update with regular local snaps

me on golf course beach, cruit island

me on golf course beach, cruit island

and a page of tools and techniques and the mediums that I use


so please be patient

in the meantime I will continue to post regular blogs of my paintings




dribbles 1

dribbles 1

dribbles 2

dribbles 2

My daughter thinks that dribbles in paintings are lazy

Some people think dribbles are simply gross

I think that dribbles are part of an organic, unpredictable way of making abstract work

I find dribbles in the work that I make, inspired by the rain and the clouds and the wetlands of rural Ireland, are appropriate

But what do you think?

And heres a famous ‘dribbler’:

Joan Mitchell



dreaming in donegal


a new diptych just finished in my studio

2 canvases, each 60cm sq, painted together, one above the other

part seen, part imagined, part dreamt

a mountain and water and the autumn colours of the grass and rowan berries that grow on the turf bogs of donegal

oil and graphite and spray paint, with an experimental use of masking tape (used, sprayed then removed)