two today

Two paintings today, both with underpainting in bright red and orange, but surface colours mostly blues

This one is my regular size, 80 cm sq

Title :’All manner of things I’ll never understand’

This is a big one, 160cm x 220 cm, unstretched canvas, stapled to the studio wall. ‘Is there anyone there?’

7 thoughts on “two today

    • Thanks so much Claudia! The red is the base coat, peeping through gaps and marks and scrapes in the surface layer. Glad you like them. I really enjoyed the freedom of space and expression that a huge canvas can provide. Especially after a gap of nearly 4 months, when I was hardly home, rarely in the studio and only using up odds and ends of paint and repainting over old work.
      Thank you so much for following me so closely, I love getting your comments!
      Best wishes, Liz

      • I like it that you explain how you go about your work, as well as displaying it. I learn from you.

        I can’t imagine a large canvas like you are mentioning, I mean doing it myself. But I’ve never tried something bigger than 30″ x 40″ and only a couple of times. Hmmm… I need to think about this. Maybe something for next summer when I could be doing it outside? Anyway, glad you are back. Love seeing your work and I understand the pent-up creativity you are feeling after being away from working for so long.

    • Thanks for being there! So glad you like these two, its been a while since I really ‘let rip’! Such a good feeling to be working on a large canvas again, and having the joy and luxury of masses of paint. Hope you are doing OK. Best, Liz

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