13 thoughts on “pink paint over party!

    • Thanks so much Claudia! Great fun to make too! Lovely slate pallette piled high with 4 different geaos of pink (magenta+white/alizarin crimson+white/cadmium orange+white/’flesh tint’+white and a tiny dab of permanent blue). Plus cold wax with each- squeegee and pallette knife and 3 previously boring paintings: result!!

      • I love the colors and I was curious what you used to get there (the hint of blue, I was waiting for that, I wondered if there would be an offsetting “spice” to the mix!). And the renovation of old paintings is always so great for recycling reasons, but also, because the old painting sort of makes its presence felt in the new, even if you can’t see it (I wonder if this makes sense). I mean in that it guides the new one, plus – the remnants always find a way to peek out, I think. Love what you did.

      • Thanks again Claudia. I generally love the ‘peeping through’, the history adding depth and interest. But I have to avoid painting over paintings that have a distinctive form, with ridges or deep scores , because they are annoying when they show through!

      • Yes, I find that too, the substrata can be intrusive. Unless… as I have done…I’ve tried about three paintings on the same surface and then it looks corrugated. I guess I can’t let go of a painting and I’ll keep on working into ridiculousness sometimes.

    • Wow! What a thought! Thanks very much James 🙂 Actually almost ANYWHERE in London would be a good outcome for me. Currently have paintings in galleries in Dublin and Edinburgh, but not London (yet!!)

  1. I love this! Did you find it difficult to have the pink stand out so boldly? Sometimes I’m afraid of one color overpowering. I like a good blend of many.

    I love painting over old paintings. So fresh and exhilarating! Burst through pink. Like the POP of bubble gum. lol

    So awesome!

    • Thanks! Yes, it is a bit LOUD!!! But I love using a single bold colour sometimes, or as with these, several tones of the same colour together.
      Don’t like bubble gum tho lol ! 🙂 🙂
      Thanks 🙂

  2. These are very nice. They all remind me of cities, mabye streets from where you live? I also like the grey shadow to it, as if you used mabye a hard brush, or scraped on bits of it? I haven’t gotten into pink much, as each time I do it looks strange, so I have to just go with it. But, beautiufl art! Have you been doing it for long? If you’d like check out my art, I’d love any suggestions on my acrylics or poetry 🙂

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