2 thoughts on “A mixed bag

  1. keeping going is all an artist can do; these paintings feel transitional, a step on the way to something new? The representational seems to be pushing at the doors of abstraction (if that makes sense). There is also a fight for space, particularly evident in the last one (with balloons?).That has a mystery which really appeals to me.

    • Thanks. Yes. I think I’m in the middle of a change, a leap into the dark! Its exhausting, as I have a great urge to paint, I’m going full throttle, and not quite sure where. And compounding that, I’ve run out of just about everything, new materials on their way but STILL not here yet!
      I love what you say ” representational… pushing at the doors of abstraction”. Its a fine balance, and I don’t want to end up in that sludgy inbetweeny area! But I am really enjoying the use of simple forms somehow suspended or superimposed on an abstract plane. Someone was asking about ‘relational and non-relational’ art with reference to composition, and citing Pollock versus de Kooning. A fascinating analysis of process and viewpoints. Hmmmm, food for thought!

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