6 thoughts on “More pink (and orange, and blue)

  1. Beautiful paintings. When I ran out of stretchers as a student I would take off the canvases and roll them up and put on new canvas. That way I still had the previous paintings. Yours are so good I hope you keep them all.

    • Thanks! I’ve still got loads if stretchers, no canvas! No, I don’t keep them all, a lot get painted over, and then after several paintovers, some get destroyed, but I keep the stretchers! Waiting for a delivery of s new roll of primed canvas and also about a dozen pre-stretched canvases, and loads of paint. Should have arrived already, but it was kept back, aaargh! just because one paint colour was out if stock, so now I’ve another week to wait. Will have to paint over some more old ones in the meantime!

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