8 thoughts on “March 1st

  1. Yum yum, I really like these, and I don’t know why I said yum yum, it is just what I thought right off the bat. These colors are juicy, maybe that’s more grown-up words for it!

    • Thanks, I really like ‘yum yum’! Its literally a gut reaction I think, I say it too when something appeals in a way that seems to satisfy a hunger! I definitely prefer that to clever ‘art speak’ which can be so much flannel!
      I really enjoyed making them too, the making satisfied a hunger too. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the cold and the isolation here on my own at the moment, and as usual, painting was what I needed to do. I’m not sure they are fully resolved yet, I’ll see tomorrow. That is if I can get out to the studio – there’s a blizzard forecast! Thanks again Claudia, you’re a great follower!

  2. My first thought was “so vivid” and I love the arcs and diagonals. Hope the cold is not too bad and you can work in your studio.

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