new look, please be patient

there are no pages anymore

the static pages with old work were I ut of date and boring, so they’re gone

I will make new pages

one about where I live in beautiful county donegal, ireland, which I intend to update with regular local snaps

me on golf course beach, cruit island

me on golf course beach, cruit island

and a page of tools and techniques and the mediums that I use


so please be patient

in the meantime I will continue to post regular blogs of my paintings



3 thoughts on “new look, please be patient

  1. Your tools and media photo is very exciting. I am enjoying your compositions, markings, and colour combinations. I like the narratives on your site.

  2. Looking forward to the new look, Liz ~ enjoying studying your work and seeing your photographs in the meantime. What a wild and beautiful place you’re living in! Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking it. 🙂

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