a light touch

I’m using a lot of light mixes for layering over some older works. Favouring ochres, yellows, pale blues laid over the deeper and bolder tones underneath. This is creating some depth and I’m adding further texture with light lines and scrapes using solvent followed by a palette knife

8 thoughts on “a light touch

    • Hi Anita, thanks. Not that brave really! Run out of supports, so no option but to paint over or amend existing paintings. I have sort of promised myself not to buy any new canvases or panels until I sell a few. I have a big solo show coming up next month at Green Fuse Gallery in Westport, County Mayo. Hope that will shift a few lol 🙂
      Looking forward to seeing new work from your new home! Good luck with your exciting adventure

  1. I like what you are coming up with here, and I applaud your recycling idea, I do the same myself, and to tell the truth, I always like the new painting better than the old. In my case I don’t know if the new one is better but I feel better having done it. Anyway, on with the new, and best of luck with your exhibit.

    • Thanks Claudia. Its a kind of momentum isn’t it, a way of pushing forward. The old, underneath painting is not really lost, even if it ends up being completely obliterated. Perhaps there’s a parallel with us still being the child we once were, even though all the cells have changed, we’re not the same, we may be better or worse, but we’ve moved forward

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