nearly winter

I have been away from home, visiting family and being a Granny in Wales, for two months, as well as a ten day break in Portugal

So I’ve been away from my studio and not painting

During the last couple of weeks I have begun to crave paint and canvas. So I bought a few materials from local shops and made these two small works on the floor in my daughter’s spare bedroom. In between visits, and in between layers, they’ve been drying in the shed.

My bedroom at my daughter’s home has sliding doors out onto the garden, with views into the trees beyond. And a view out of the side windows to a stand of Scotch Pines. From my bed I can see both dawn and dusk through these trees.

The paintings are not at all a representation of these photos of views. In fact they have more of an essence of a walk in the woods. I even embedded a fern leaf in the paint, removed it the next day to leave its impression, then rolled over it again with more layers.

However, some of the colours are there. A friend of mine said of these two latest pieces that they were a return for me of a ‘confident enigma’. I like that



a light touch

I’m using a lot of light mixes for layering over some older works. Favouring ochres, yellows, pale blues laid over the deeper and bolder tones underneath. This is creating some depth and I’m adding further texture with light lines and scrapes using solvent followed by a palette knife

magenta & gold



2 postcard sized pieces on watercolour paper c.10 x 15cm




& 3 pieces c. A4 sized (32 x25cm)
from a group of 11 works on paper in gold and magenta oil with cold wax medium just completed.
An experiment included in the process this time of painting a layer of crimson house paint ( matt emulsion) above the gesso priming layer and below the first layer of magenta oil and wax. I am pleased with the result that the scraped lines have a more solid red effect than if they scraped right through to the paper because the emulsion is so opaque and has such dense coverage