pale yellow with blues

These 2 are each 60cm square and have undergone a change of heart, or a facelift or a renaissance! Formerly they were darker and mostly orange and quite ‘loud’ with a title to reflect that mood : ‘Tolerate chaos’- the title taken from the 10 well known painting rules of the Bay artist, Richard Diebenkorn.

Now they are calmer and paler, with a new title, ‘Formerly chaos’, perhaps with a nod to us being in control of our moods along with our palette if we so choose!

These 2 are a bit bigger, at 80cm square. They have had a similar transformation using a pale palette of pale ochres, yellows and some very pale blue. Their former title was ‘Oceans, a tipping point’ – part of a series of 5 canvases. They haven’t got new individual names yet 

Thus one is ‘Musing’, also 80cm square plus frame, painted 2 years ago on my furst residency at Stiwdio Maelor in Corris in Wales and then exhibited at a group show at Terre Verte Gallery in Cornwall. Home now from her adventures

These 2, ‘Sunshine 1&2’ have also just returned from Cornwall and are also each 80cm square plus frame

10 thoughts on “pale yellow with blues

  1. I love you work. I really like your sense of composition. your decision to tone down the colors worked well. You can still see bits of the brighter colors peeking out! 😃

    • Thanks Ruthie – yes that’s one if the things I love about building up new layers on older works! I love to apply a thin layer of paint and cold wax mixture, roll it out really thinly, then reveal patches and lines of colour from underneath with solvent, blotted off with tissue paper and scraped away with a palette knife

      • You have a complex process, or processes! My paintings are abstract expressionist, too, but so simple compared to your techniques and mediums! I haven’t had any formal training and I’ve only been painting 8 years.

        The paintings I like the best are very very mixed mediums, using so many layers and it becomes very sophisticated. ğŸ˜Ž

    • Hi again Ruth
      I have been painting for about 20 years but only really developed my layering techniques quite recently after attending a workshop on cold wax medium with Rebecca Crowell about 3 years ago. To get a combination of ‘sophistication’ as you call it, and some freedom of expression, I’ve found the best way is to keep experimenting!
      Good luck with your own work and thank you for your lovely comments 🙂

    • Thanks Claudia, I think the top 2 are done now, just have to tidy up the sides, have, unusually for me, painted the edges in the same pale blue – too much money laid out on framing lately!!

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