available from home

This is ‘Evening walk, Cruit Island’

A large signature piece, on canvas, framed

This is an even larger piece, ‘Due West’

Approximately 150 x250 cm it will make a dramatic statement

These 2 above are ‘Stateside 1’ and ‘Stateside 2’

Each 120cm square on canvas

If you want to see more images of my work, or find out more about these shown here, including prices, payment and delivery details, please email me on liz-doyle@live.com


Liz Doyle

You can also find some of my work at these galleries:




(cover image shows a few on Cruit Island, the starting point for many if my larger psintings)


liz doyle paintings for OPW 003

this is my largest painting to date, nearly 2metres square on 2 separate canvases

I am planning my next HUGE work, which will be about the same size, but made up of 6-9 canvases, the largest individual piece to be 80cm x 120 cm, the smallest, 50 cm sq

It will be like a jigsaw, with the separate canvases eventually bolted together

The pieces will all stand together on 4 easels, a bit like this:

9 canvas blur project from 2011

9 canvas blur project from 2011

This time, though, the subject will be the changing colours of the bog, or peat lands, of County Donegal, where I live in the North West of Ireland

Here are a couple of my recent paintings on the same theme:

bog grass 001

a recent 'bog colours' painting

a recent ‘bog colours’ painting

My canvases and paint have arrived. The new work is forming in my head and heart

I will start work in the next couple of days and post progress photos as I go along