available from home

This is ‘Evening walk, Cruit Island’

A large signature piece, on canvas, framed

This is an even larger piece, ‘Due West’

Approximately 150 x250 cm it will make a dramatic statement

These 2 above are ‘Stateside 1’ and ‘Stateside 2’

Each 120cm square on canvas

If you want to see more images of my work, or find out more about these shown here, including prices, payment and delivery details, please email me on liz-doyle@live.com


Liz Doyle

You can also find some of my work at these galleries:




(cover image shows a few on Cruit Island, the starting point for many if my larger psintings)

Go large for 2016


Restretching an old linen painting other way up


It’s huge! (120cm x 200cm – about 4′ x 6’6″)


Priming it with gesso on 2 easels in my studio


First few layers on New Years Day
A blue grey base coat. Then taped. Then turquoise above, 2 greens below. Some yellow powder pigment dusted over the bottom half. Random diagonal marks with the squeegee edge. Removed tape. More tomorrow.
Good start to 2016 🙂