liz doyle paintings for OPW 003

this is my largest painting to date, nearly 2metres square on 2 separate canvases

I am planning my next HUGE work, which will be about the same size, but made up of 6-9 canvases, the largest individual piece to be 80cm x 120 cm, the smallest, 50 cm sq

It will be like a jigsaw, with the separate canvases eventually bolted together

The pieces will all stand together on 4 easels, a bit like this:

9 canvas blur project from 2011

9 canvas blur project from 2011

This time, though, the subject will be the changing colours of the bog, or peat lands, of County Donegal, where I live in the North West of Ireland

Here are a couple of my recent paintings on the same theme:

bog grass 001

a recent 'bog colours' painting

a recent ‘bog colours’ painting

My canvases and paint have arrived. The new work is forming in my head and heart

I will start work in the next couple of days and post progress photos as I go along

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