graffiti and vandalism

I haven’t quite known how to share my recent works and talk about them here up till now. I’m having a bit of ‘breakdown’ perhaps. Not an illness. Just in painting terms. I am experimenting with pouring paint. Over older dry paintings. It’s hard to explain why. Or what it means. I hope this aggressive, bold use of strong colour, with forms forming themselves, directed by gravity and manipulated by the tilt of the canvas or a blot with tissue, will lead somewhere. In the meantime maybe they can say something for themselves.

On Facebook a friend commented that I am bringing graffiti and vandalism into the studio. Yes! I think the friend is right. Sometimes we need to force a change. To fight off the status quo.

2 thoughts on “graffiti and vandalism

  1. Liz, we both LOVE this style, it is alarming, defo has the graffiti look, its irreverent and even a bit rude. Hope you are well and that we get to meet up soon, you’ll have to visit the peninsula soon!

  2. Well, I am personally not a painter, but I marvel at the creative aspects of those who are. I will have to try it someday, just because. Personally, I like these works. Colors and textures that attract the eye and not chase it… Thank you for sharing!

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