two today

Two paintings today, both with underpainting in bright red and orange, but surface colours mostly blues

This one is my regular size, 80 cm sq

Title :’All manner of things I’ll never understand’

This is a big one, 160cm x 220 cm, unstretched canvas, stapled to the studio wall. ‘Is there anyone there?’

Blood and concrete

These are ‘Blood and Concrete ‘ 1 & 2

Each piece 100 x 80cm on canvas plus frame.

They were exhibited last month at Green Fuse Gallery in Westport, County Mayo.

I have submitted them to ‘Cairde Visual’ at the Model, in Sligo for their annual juried Summer show as part of Cairde Festival. I should hear soon if they have been selected. Fingers crossed!

These pieces developed out of my response to images of destruction in Aleppo, Syria. However, I don’t see them as sad paintings, but abstract images in their own right. It’s up to the viewer to make their own interpretation. I would be interested to hear from anyone if they have a particular reaction. Thanks


On a wet, closed in StPatrick’s Day, nothing for it but to get on with the mundane jobs in the studio

Painting the edges is a rather precarious job, with paintings balanced at odd angles in strange combinations, often upside down

I usually mix a colour in harmony with the painting, but not an exact match to any of the colours I used in the work itself

This blue and yellow pair of square canvases is an exception, as I used the same blue as in the paintings to try and emphasise the feeling of spaciousness I was trying to capture in relatively small works

I had already painted the edges of these, but have reworked them, so the bright turquoise edge seems too strong now, so I’ve mixed a pale olive green. However, it might be a bit dark, so I’ll probably try yet again!

on a roll

The Doorway Gallery
24 South Frederick Street



The Doorway Gallery is doing well for me and keeping me very busy. The 2 above, Donegal 1 & 2, are to be framed together for a customer as a large diptych



These 2 x 60cm panels, ‘mountains and bogroads’ went to Dublin by courier last week





The 4 panels above, ‘Skylight 1& 2’, each 90cm sq and ‘October 1& 2’ each 80cm sq went down by courier yesterday

The group show,  ‘Hidden’, which I have 2 pieces in, runs till 29th October, followed by Christsy Keeney’s solo show till mid November. Then there’s the wonderful Christmas exhibition.

Even during solo shows, my work and other gallery artists work is available in the downstairs gallery. Open Monday to Saturday 10- 6